North Scottsdale Bee Removal

North Scottsdale Bee removal

Looking For A North Scottsdale Bee Removal Company ?

Spring time is where swarms of bees start to look for new homes. Despite the immensely benefits of bees to the environment, many homeowners don’t want bees in close proximity to their homes. But bees take up residence on properties with a good vegetation. The majority of homeowners would consider hiring a North Scottsdale bee removal company to take care of the infestation of bees. There are many things to consider when hiring a reliable North Scottsdale bee removal company. Here are some tips to consider when doing so.

What to look for in bees vs. other flying insects

Before you take any action, it is important to understand what you are dealing with. Make sure you are dealing with honeybees and not hornets or wasps. Honeybees have hair on their bodies. Look at the nest of the insects. Honeybees build their nests out of wax – in a honeycomb formation. On the other hand, hornets and wasps construct their nests with mud or wood fiber. Honeybees collect pollen in the spring. Hence, you can look for them flying back and forth from the nests. Once you are sure of the fact that honeybees reside on your property, you should decide to call a professional bee removal company in the area.

Beehive in a tree

Bees are valuable to our environment

Bees are very valuable to the environment. In fact, the American Beekeeping Federation states that one-third of all the food eaten in the United States is derived from the honeybee population in the country – either directly or indirectly. On the other hand, honeybees are not aggressive or dangerous. Hence, killing the bees shouldn’t be an option when you decide to call a professional bee removal company in North Scottsdale. Simply Google search more info on how import bees are in our environment.

Got Bees ? What to do next

Once you have confirmed the presence of honeybees on your property and identified the location of their nest, you should call a local beekeeper in North Scottsdale. These professionals are happy to remove the bees from your property and relocate them to their apiary. They won’t use harsh chemicals or kill the bees in the process of relocation. On the other hand, you would be contributing to saving an endangered species and protecting the environment in the process. Honeybees are rapidly disappearing at the moment. All plants on earth should be negatively affected if the species become extinct in the future. That is why you should hire a professional beekeeping company in the area to relocate the bees instead of killing them.

Sample of what Beekeepers do

The beekeeping professional will cut out the honeycombs with the brood inside it. The honeycombs are placed in frames to be relocated to the apiary of the beekeeping company. If the nest is difficult to reach, a right professional will use a special vacuum to suck up the bees without killing them. A professional beekeeper wears protective clothes when doing his job. The entire process may take up to 6-8 hours depending on the area of bee infestation on your property. The professional will use a smoke to calm the bees before removing them. Bees are vacuumed into the frames with the honeycomb. Once the honeycomb is moved, the rest of the bees will migrate to the frames on their own. In fact, live bee relocation is considered one of the most effective and healthiest options available today.

Why live bee removal is the only choice

Although the easy thing to do is to hire a pest control company to kill the bees, it will deplete the bee population in the world. It could negatively affect the food supply on the planet. That is why you need a professional beekeeping company in North Scottsdale to relocation the bees. Make sure you check the certification, knowledge, insurance, Price, and treatment methods of the company before hiring them. If the Beekeeper has a licence then they are Beekeepers that also kill bees, because there is no licence requirement for beekeepers in Scottsdale Arizona. Simply Wikipedia search Bee extermination and licencing.


The above article provides information on what you should consider when looking for a reliable North Scottsdale bee removal company.

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